Educational Links

Some Important Links for Educational Institutes

Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (IPM)

Society of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA)

CIMA Sri Lanka

British Council Sri Lanka

Computers & Software

  1. ABC
    - IT related solutions

  2. Advance Business Solutions
    employment, financial accounting and stock control solutions, technology and

  3. Aims
    - provides computer sales,
    training courses, system integration, and GSM phone products and services.

  4. AsiaSoft (pvt) Ltd
    - ebusiness
    consultancy, computer risk management, software development, products and

  5. Barclays Trading
    - computer
    systems, special offers and price list

  6. Bc Computers Ltd
    - design and
    develop applications, intranet development, client training services,
    consultancy and project management and networking

  7. Business solutions system (pvt) Ltd

    - business solutions, enterprise integration, Netcom integration and
    professional services

  8. Cey Din
    - networking and system
    integration, consulting services, intranet and internet application
    development, software development and network training

  9. Commercial Software (pvt) ltd
    computer training courses, training on IT, software packages and rare

  10. Console Electronics Ltd

  11. Creasy
    - notes 5 client help,
    domino 5 designer help, domino 5 administrator help and links

  12. CT Software Systems (Pvt) Ltd

  13. Datacorp Ceylon Limited
    providing network and desktop maintenance, internet security, and more

  14. Datamations System (Pvt) Ltd
    products, services and customers

  15. Debug Computer Peripherals
    news and peripherals

  16. Dimensionx
    - television
    production and post production

  17. DPMC Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd

    - WAP, SMS, m-commerce, e-commerce, Portals, Oracle,
    SQL Server, Informix, Visual Basic, Java, Linux ... We offer Software
    Development, Data Communication, LAN and other IT related services 

  18. Eap Technologies
    - products,
    internet, software, inquiries and orders

  19. Ecode Lanka Software (Pvt) Ltd

    - software solutions

  20. Energynet (Pvt) Ltd

  21. Enet
    - short training courses,
    technical inquiry service, regional exchange work shops, exchange visits,
    e-net magazine and membership

  22. Eseze.Com : Human Resources Management
    - Web based Human Resources Management System 

  23. Eurocom International Systems (pvt) ltd

    - computer sales and services

    - vision, team,
    solutions and partner

  25. Ewis Group of Companies
    - Ewis
    information systems, Ewis peripherals (pvt) ltd, Ewis solutions (pvt) ltd,
    career training centre, Ewis online (pvt) ltd and open systems technologies (pvt)

    - categorized
    software, mostly free and open source

  27. Geac Computer Corporation Limited

    - news, case studies, partners, investors, careers and site map Sri Lanka -
    Jba software products lanka (pvt) ltd, access towers, 4th floor, 278 Union
    place, Colombo 2

  28. Global information Bureau (pvt) Ltd

    - business applications, integrated systems and sales order processing systems

  29. G-Research
    - focuses on
    computer hardware and software design and manufacture. Also provides web
    design, networking solutions, and computer sales.

  30. hSenid Software International
     - Specializes
    in developing Client/Server applications. We provide application development
    for both small and large scale organization. Providing complete system
    integration with existing systems

  31. IDM Group of Companies
    provides vocational and professional training courses and degree programmes
    with specialisation in computer education. Also offers web development and
    software customisation services.

  32. Imagine Entertainment
    - audio
    equipment for hire, lights and special effects, sky lights and city colour

  33. Informatics
    - offers IT
    consulting, offshore software development, and e-commerce solutions. Also
    operates Informatics Institutes of Technology.

  34. Interblocks (pvt) Ltd
    software development and projects

  35. Interlink Group
    - it related

  36. iOM International Holdings
    ebusiness, products and services, financial review, management philosophy and

  37. It com
    - products, library and

  38. IWS Information Technologies
 providing IT Services

  39. John Keells Office Automation (Pvt) Ltd

  40. Kingslake - Development of Software
     - Application development using Visual Basic, Visual C++,
    SQL. For Windows, Windows CE, Psion Series 5. Web enabled applications
    interacting with large databases (Progress, Oracle, DB/400 etc.) using
    WebSpeed or Apptivity

  41. Lanka Linux User Group (LKLUG)

    - provides library, mailing list, handles Linux installations, and lends
    distribution kits.

  42. Lankasoft Technologies - Software Services
     - Solutions
    for Windows, Windows NT and Novell Netware platforms. Also develop front-end
    solutions for PCs, interfacing with high-end platforms such as Unix, Oracle,
    SQL Server etc.

  43. Logical systems (pvt) Ltd
    software development, applications and services

  44. Lol(lanka online)
    - commerce
    applications, client server applications, web design and development

  45. Megadynamix (pvt) Ltd
    - dealer
    for Compaq, provides high speed internet connections and IT resources for
    software development and jobs

  46. Metropolitan Computers (Pvt) Ltd

  47. Micro Mind Networks
    quotations, price lists, give always and up coming

  48. Microimage
    - employee
    management, payroll system, apparel solutions, small business solutions,
    e-business, Sinhala and Tamil software and hardware accessories

  49. Microsoft solutions
     - specializes
    in providing IT solutions such as web developments, client/server
    applications, search engine optimizations(SEO), software developments and
    networking for both small and large scale organization.

  50. Millennium Information Technologies Ltd

  51. MillenniumIT
    - about the
    company, partners, products and solutions, support and client

  52. MYOB Business Solutions

    -  Computer & Web Consultancy.

  53. Nikini Automation Systems (Pvt) Ltd

  54. NSK Group of Companies
    - sale
    of new & used computer, Computer Accessories, service & repairs, computer
    education & training

  55. Open arc System Management
    banking and finance suite, securities and share market suite and general
    financial accounting suite

  56. Open World Limited
    - hotel and
    travel websites and individual hotel sites and job opportunities

  57. Peacock Systems
    - software
    development, jobs, press releases and news release

  58. Precision Tech Services (pvt) Ltd

    - products, services, partners and latest news

  59. Pro Image
    - For all your
    computer animated productions

  60. Proimage
    - design computer
    animations and audio visual based presentations

  61. Prudential Technologies (pte) ltd

    - software development, products and services and consultancy services

  62. RoomsNet
    - web-based online
    room reservation and management system.

  63. SBS Computer Consulting (Pvt) Ltd

  64. Scienceland Corporation (Pvt) Ltd

  65. Seven Seas Computers Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

    - a subsidiary of Seven Seas Computers, Dubai, an
    ISO 9001-certified IT vendor, with subsidiaries in Singapore, Sri Lanka and
    Hong Kong.Our core competencies are in GroupWare (Lotus Notes and Microsoft
    Exchange), Client Server (PowerBuilder, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL), and Internet

  66. Sinhala and Tamil Fonts
     - Distributes
    free fonts for DTP, web publishing, multimedia

  67. Skynet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

  68. Softlogic
    - pc marketing, audio
    visual equipments and networking

  69. Sumuthu Softronics
    - computer
    networking, designing and Implementing digital and analogue electronic
    solutions, hardware and software consultant software development etc

  70. View computers
    - offers
    application and web design and development.

  71. Zeelabs
    - web design, web
    marketing, e-commerce, and software development

  72. Zillione Systems Solutions (Pvt) Ltd